Muscle Food – Best Meal Kit Package


MuscleFood has always considered food quality and quantity as their first priority and trying to get better with every day passing. After a hectic week, everybody wants to relax and spend quality time with family instead of spending most of the time in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals. During such days, MuscleFood comes to the rescue with its most affordable and super great Italian take away hamper which makes your weekend simply amazing. It’s a complete package for the body’s essential requirements such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.

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When we talk about Italian Fakeaway hamper it’s one of the most lovable and frequently ordered hampers because of its authentic Italian taste and super affordable price which serves around 6 people. All along, it’s one of the MucleFoods signature dishes. This bundle of happiness comprises of Beef Ragu & tomato tagliatelle, High Protein Mighty Meat Pizza, Mushroom Pesto Pasta Kit.


Protein is the basic requirement of the body and that too in a balanced quantity. Beef Ragu and Tomato Tagliatelle is a highly rich protein meal. It consists of minced beef along with tangy tomato sauces, cherry tomatoes garnished with finely chopped mushrooms which would make your taste buds absolutely fall in love with it and make you crave for it more often. It contains a perfect amount of calories which are neither too much nor too little for your body. As compare to other restaurants it provides better quality and quantity both.


The best thing about Muscle Food high protein meaty meat is that it is gluten-free and highly incorporated with protein. This diet is low calorie and is designed with a delicious, mouth-watering topping. What else someone wants than a healthy pizza for a movie night? So in case you are starving, go grab this hamper!


This one is the award-winning product of an Italian fakeaway hamper. The finger-licking creamy pasta is easy to make and convenient. Its mouth savoring taste not only fulfills your sudden pasta craving but also leaves you wanting more. Its taste consists of a variety of sauces and mushroom rich serving. It is different from other pasta’s in ways like it is quick to make, cheap, low on calorie and contain the perfect amount of carbs, fats, and protein. 


Italian fakeaway hamper is a complete diet for any occasion. Whether it is a movie night or a friendly get together, Italian fakeaway hamper will not disappoint you. I think a customer should opt for these hampers because they are quick, convenient, and healthy. Muscle food hampers provide customers with a great variety to choose from. So? What are you waiting for? Go get your Italian Fakeaway hamper to make your meal awesome.